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Firehawk Air Mask

Item #: 10-KCMD02E0014A
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Product Description

MSA’s FireHawk™ air mask, our latest SCBA platform, takes its name from our highly successful FireHawk mask-mounted regulator and demonstrates innovation with an all-new Airframe™ carrier and harness assembly. The FireHawk gives you more safety and ergonomic features than any other SCBA on the market, and some of them can even be added to existing Vulcan carrier and harness assemblies for firefighters who want more features on their same great SCBA.

Features and Benefits
  • Safety, Simplicity and Reliability
  • Firehawk MMR for ease of use and ergonomics
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Assemble-to-Order System makes ordering easy
  • Full Line of Carbon Cylinders available in 30', 45' and 60' Capacities
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