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22-550006 AIRGUN 40SC KIT

Item #: 07-22-550006
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Product Description

Airgun 40 SC kit

Kit Includes: Airgun40, 3000 psi Cylinder, Cylinder Rack, Pressure Regulator Piston Type, Pressure Regulator Preset, 32ft. (10m) Hose, 4oz. Lubricating Oil, Retainer Service Tool, 7/32" Hex Key, 3/16 Hex Key, Operating & Instruction Manual, Plastic Safety Gogles, Carry & Storage Case, Driver for Neoprene Plug, Neoprene Plug 4" lg 3/4" - 1.5" Dia. (102mm lg 19 x 38 mm Dia.), 10" Curved Metal Cutter Bit, 11" Dual Cutter w/ Bullpoint Bit, 10" Heavy Duty Metal Cutter Bit, 11" Bullpoint Bit, 11" Chisel Bit, Deep1.2" Panel Cutter Bit, Deep 1.1 Panel Cutter w/ Relief Bit, 20" Spade Bit, 6" Piercing Applicator, 14" Piecring Applicator Bit, 1-1/2" NH Coupling. Kit Dimensions: Weight 77lbs. (35kg), Length 32in (813mm), Width 22in (559mm), Height 12in (305mm)

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