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Item #: 10-0609-700
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Product Description

Fyrepel's 700 and 705 Series Proximity Suits are designed for performance of maintenance and repairs in high heat areas. Workers wearing these proximity garments are insulated from harm by Fyrepel's unique, proven multi layer construction, with the outer layer composed of high temperature aluminized glass. An additional moisture / steam barrier lining provides protection in areas where exposure to hot liquids, steam, or hot vapor is a possibility. 

Redesigned for better fit, the 700 and 705 Series Suits are available in coverall or coat and pant styles. The coverall or the coat and pant styles are available with an SCBA accommodation, if required. 

The 700 Series Suit comes complete with a hood with gold reflective faceshield, coat, pants, mitts, and boots. The 705 Series comes has a hood with gold reflective faceshield, coverall, boots, and mitts. Both series are offered in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Individual replacement components are available. Storage bags are also available.

Model Numbers

700 /BA Proximity Suit Complete, with SCBA accommodation
700 Proximity Suit Complete
705 /BA Proximity Coverall Complete, with SCBA accommodation
705 Proximity Coverall Complete

Suit Components

710-2LG Proximity Hood
710-1LG Proximity Hood
722 /BA Proximity Coverall
722 Proximity Coverall
720 /BA Proximity Coat
720 Proximity Coat
730 Proximity Pants
755 Proximity Boots
740 Proximity Mitts


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