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770800 (CIB) 1% AFFF CONC. 5 GAL.

Item #: 03-0303-C103
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Product Description
For years, foam has been used as a fire extinguishing agent for flammable and combustible materials. Unlike other agents (water, dry chemicals, and CO2), a stable foam "blanket" extinguishes a flammable or combustible liquid fire with the combined actions of cooling, separating flame or ignition sources from the fuel, suppressing vapors, and smothering. Slow drainage and long lasting foam provides extended burn back resistance and protection against reflash or reignition. Foams used as wetting agents enable water to penetrate and soak into Class A materials – extinguishing the fire up to 20 times faster than water alone. Foam also absorbs hear more quickly than plain water. The result is more steam, more quickly and a greatly reduced fire temperature. The bottom line is you get faster extinguishment, use less water, and have less heat stress. In fact, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) rated foam 3-5 times more effective than untreated water. Finding the right foam for each application is easy when you access our "Technical Specifications" which contain a remarkable database of uses and product choices to help guide you. You can access a remarkable database of uses and product choices to make the right decisions each time you order. Chemguard's wide variety of foam and equipment is designed to meet your fire fighting needs whether they are oil, petrochemical, transportation, mining, marine, or municipal.
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