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Item #: 07-1917-90338
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Product Description

Survivor® has long held the trust and respect of professionals around the world. Now, there are more good reasons than ever to make it your flashlight of choice for your job's most challenging situations.

Our new Survivor is stronger and more reliable than ever. Lightweight and built from a high-impact nylon casing, the Survivor offers exceptional durability and weather resistance. Rugged enough to survive the UL 30-ft. drop test, Streamlight's new and improved professional light is also engineered with a one-way valve for case venting and "O" ring sealed openings to protect against moisture and dirt.


Ultimate safety. Now available in a Class I, Division 1 model.


  • Extra efficient recharging.
  • New "PiggyBack™" charger for the Division 2 model allows simultaneous recharging of the light and a spare battery.
  • Quick-change battery. The new steel hinged door and latch of the Division 2 model allow for quick loading of a spare battery.

  • Brighter than ever. The Division 2 model features the 5.5 watt, "black dot" xenon bulb with up to 25,000 candlepower and "SmokeCutter®" optics.

  • Longer runtimes. The long-lived Division 1 model allows up to 4.25 hours of continuous use.
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