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SaberLite Recoil LED

Item #: 07-2020B-
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Product Description

Advanced super bright Recoil LED Technology™ combines the brightness of a conventional light with the long life and durability of an LED. Recoil LED Technology™ delivers a lux* reading of over 1,558. That’s 32 times brighter than the nearest competition! Light weight body made of Xenoy® with polycarbonate lens and ABS shroud. Safety approvals pending.

Conventional LED flashlights generate a weak wide beam. Pelican’s new Recoil LED Technology™ works like a lighthouse - it focuses the light by firing backwards. 100% of the light is captured and reflected forward. The result: A super bright white collimated beam that cuts through the thickest smoke, fog and dust. Plus our exclusive voltage regulated LEDs maintain peak brightness longer.

*Lux- the maximum peak beam illuminance intensity measured at a 5 foot distance by a light meter

Colors Available: Black or Yellow


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