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Item #: 12-1906-4000FBP
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Product Description

The Scotty 4000F pump is a single action pump, with a foam educting attachment and air aspirating nozzle (4003).  The 4000F-BP eliminates the need to batch mix when Class A foam is required.  Each time the pump is charged, 1% of foam concentrate is educted into the pump chamber.  The 4003 air aspirating nozzle generates foam when the pump is discharged.

The pump has a brass pump chamber protected by an engineering grade polymer sleeve.  No tools are required to disassemble the unit, it can be completely disassembled by hand for in-the-field maintenance.

A repair kit is available from Scotty, part #FP-REPAIRKIT.

The Back Pack (4002A) has a capacity of 5 US gallons (19 Lts).  Manufactured from a strong polyester based fabric, protected by a thermoplastic polymer.  It has a 4” filling port with a removable debris screen, 2” wide shoulder straps and 3” wide shoulder pads.

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