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Cast Brass Heavy Duty Couplings

Item #: 01-1805-55
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Product Description

Model 5500 Series

  • All Red Head 5500 Styles couplings are made from cast red brass, C84400 or C83600, ASTM B584
  • Couplings in this series conform to Government Specifications A-A-59227A, Type A, Styles 1, and 2, Type B, (WW-C-621G); and A-A-59614, Type III, Styles 7 and 8 (WW-C-624E).
  • Lathe cut synthetic or EPDM gaskets included with each coupling.

    NFPA 1963, 7.1 - Each coupling shall be equipped with a resilient thread gasket with a durometer of 70 +/-5, Shore A.

    NFPA 1963, 7.3 - Each coupling shall be equipped with a resilient tail gasket with a durometer of 60 +/-5, Shore A .

  • Expansion Rings included with each coupling. Made from seamless soft anneal red brass tubing, UNS 23000 for maximum expansion without danger of breaking. Chamfered edge prevents cutting of hose.

    A-A-55535 - The rings shall be from from scale, grooving, indentations, cracks, scores, dents, and burrs. The end shall be round and smooth .

  • Available sizes: 1", 1½", 1¾" x 1½", 2", 2½",
    3", 3" x 2½", and 4"
  • Two rocker lugs on male and swivel.
  • LaFrance Equipment