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A+1399 Expansion Ring Type Coupling

Item #: 01-A+1399-
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Product Description

A+1399 Series

Threaded Expansion ring type coupling for spiral hard suction hose.

Designed for lightweight, flexible, spiral hard suction hose.  Hardcoat, durable, long handle female, rocker lug male.  Complete with rings and gaskets. 

Part # Hose Sizes Thread Sizes
A-1399 4" 4"
A-1399 4" 4-1/2"
A-1399 5" 4-1/2"
A-1399 5" 5"
A-1399 5" 6"
A-1399 6" 4-1/2"
A-1399 6" 5"
A-1399 6" 6"

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