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22-000599 24" HOOLIGAN TOOL

Item #: 06-22-000599
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Product Description
Paratech offers you the most versatile line on halligan type tools anywhere. We have expanded our line of Hooligan Tools to include Highway Hooligan Tools, Tactical Hooligan Tools, Lightweight Hooligan Tools, and Spark Resistant Hooligan Tools. All Paratech Hooligan Tools are available in various lengths to meet your needs.  Our latest addition to the Hooligan series is the "Hooligan SPF". This traditional styled, single piece forging was designed to meet and exceed FDNY specifications. The "Hooligan SPF" has been drop forged and re-designed to include such features as a cable groove, nail pulling claw and carrying strap eyelets. The electroless nickel finish satisfies the requirements for an attractive easy to maintain first line forcible entry tool.
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