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Item #: 02-0616-1000
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Product Description

Model 1000

From simple to hard-to-reach fires, the original FlameFighter gets you to the source of the fire quickly.  In just seconds, one or two firefighters can insert the FlameFighter nozzle into virtually any desired entry point and generate a high pressure spray covering up to 2400 sq. ft. at 150 psi.

The “firefighter 1000” can be inserted two ways: first by swinging it like a battering ram, second by driving it in with a mallet.

Uses include but not limited to, roofs, doors, walls, floors, foundation block, steel buildings, aircraft, vents, voids etc

The original FlameFighter model 1000 is crafted from the finest steels. This unit measures 60” long and weighs 36 pounds. Max GPM 320 and it comes standard with NST threads. Other threads are available by request.

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