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22-889117 117 TON BAG SET

Item #: 07-22-889117
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Product Description

Part Number 889117

5 Bag Set - 117 Ton (Shown)

  • Maximum of one inch lifting bag thickness for minimum insertion space.
  • Replaceable brass nipple: spark proof, easy to remove
  • Positive grip surface provides maximum friction when used on slippery surfaces or when stacking two bags.
  • Quick connect, one hand, dual locking safety fittings.
  • Use any air source: SCUBA or SCBA, air cylinders, truck brake systems, compressors, foot pump
  • Weighs 1.1 to 60 pounds (.5 to 27 KG) depending on size and type
  • Extremely strong, made of Neoprene, embedded on each side with three full layers of aramid fiber reinforcement
  • Bright yellow safety "X" molded into both sides of each bag for high visibility and centering
  • Each bag subjected to a stringent factory pressure test to assure maximum operator safety
  • Dupont neoprene resists common hazardous chemicals and petroleum products
  • Increased user safety with molded "eyelets" on 10 of 14 lift bags
  • Inclined lifting is safer with 5 sizes of rectangular lift bags

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