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9949 UL EDUCTOR .4/1/3/6% 1.5NH X 1.5 NH

Item #: 03-1618-9949
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Product Description

These foam eductors operate according to the Venturi principle @ 200 PSI. As the pressurized water passes through the tip of the convergent pipe, a suction effect is created and the foam concentrated liquid is drawn up. The apparatus is fitted with a non-return valve with a polyethylene ball valve, which prevents the water from flowing back into the emulsifier tank. The metering orifice regulates the concentration flow and thus determines the percentage of the foam liquid. Several models are available in different configurations and materials. POK is the only manufacturer that provides a range of portable eductors with extremely low pressure drop. Simple to use and low maintenance.

Note: Each ULTRA-LIGHT eductor come complete with metering orifices and pick-up tube assembly

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