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Item #: 03-1618-8997
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Product Description

The "HANDY FOAM" brings you everything you need in one package for your portable foam application. The latest in foam making with our exclusive self-educting foam nozzle and removable metering device that eliminates the use of eductors that have exceptionally high pressure drop. The "HANDY FOAM" has NO pressure drop! That means you can work at lower pressure from 30 to 600 PSI and always accomplish a better reach and expansion ratio than with anything else you have used!

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort
  • Superior reach and penetration
  • Engineered to be extremely user friendly
  • High impact polyethylene reservoir of 2.5 gallon / 10 liter
  • Low & Medium self-educting attachments for the nozzle
  • Carrying shoulder straps
  • 20 GPM standard
  • 0.4%, 1%, 3% and 6% metering orifices
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