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Fire Extinguishers

LaFRANCE Equipment Corporation has been in business for over fifty years and we have over thirty years combined experience in the fire extinguisher business. If you are maintaining compliance for your business or if you have special requirements, LaFRANCE has the expertise that you need to address your fire safety concerns.

LaFRANCE’S testing facility includes DOT certified technicians and equipment. Whether you have a high-pressure cylinder, a fire extinguisher or hose that needs testing, or are in need of extinguisher training, our experienced staff will insure that your equipment is tested to the highest quality standards. We also use the Posi Chek III Flow Tester for OSHA and NFPA compliant flow testing of S.C.B.A.

We can also assist you in maintaining OSHA compliance should you have a high volume monthly fire extinguisher inspection requirement, by utilizing our monthly extinguisher inspection program with the LaFRANCE Bar Code System. The LaFRANCE Bar Code System includes an electronic information gathering system featuring a variation of custom reports (sample attached) that document monthly, annual, six-year maintenance and hydro test dates. The system is also extremely useful in projecting future testing expenses for annual budget requirements (samples attached). The monthly inspection with the LaFRANCE Bar Code System provides you with a documented and reliable report to assist your overall safety management. Furthermore, our system will help you make sure that every extinguisher is at its respective location, has maintained its charge and is in compliance.

We offer complete extinguisher service and sales for all types of extinguishers including :

Dry Chemical (ABC, Regular , Purple K) Class D

Carbon Dioxide


Foam ( AFFF, FFFP)


Clean Agent

Water Mist

Wet Chemical Class K

LaFRANCE is also an authorized service and repair center for Elkhart Brass and Akron Brass Products. Our Repair Department is located at our facility and our authorized repair technicians are ready to serve your every repair need .

LaFRANCE is the leader in fire extinguisher maintenance, and our commitment to quality is what has made us recognized as a worldwide supplier and service center of firefighting equipment for over the last 50 years. LaFRANCE, we are a company that you can rely on to serve you now, as well as in the future.

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