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Bar Code Extinguisher Inspections

LaFRANCE Equipment offers for your protection an electronic data collection system for ALL your fire extinguisher inspection needs. We utilizing a software management tool designed to schedule, track and document inspection and maintenance activities on all types of fire & life safety equipment. The system utilizes software and hand-held computers to electronically gather information. Our operating system eliminates the hand-written log-sheets and manual data entry typically associated with performing site or equipment inspections. The user defines all tasks associated with the inspection of a piece of equipment or a location. The system also forecasts future equipment inspection and maintenance requirements and tracks all activities that are past due. The system's comprehensive reporting capabilities ensure 100% compliance with a variety of regulatory agencies.

Complete Information Storage Base

Our initial process requires us to simply divide your facility into various routes/zones. Each route contains numerous locations, and each location may include any number of pieces of equipment. Equipment information, such as description, type, inspection intervals and associated tasks is entered using a computer keyboard or the keypad on our hand-held computer. Bar code labels are placed on all equipment requiring inspection, including sprinkler systems, eye wash stations, HVAC equipment, fire extinguishers and more.

Compliance-driven for your ASSURANCE

The system is for Fire & Safety and is a compliance-driven program. The system ensures that each inspection and maintenance activity is performed as required by OHSA, NFPA, or other regulatory agencies.

Instant Report Generation The reporting capabilities of the system work for YOU. The system generates a variety of standard reports, including Daily Activity, Past Due, and History reports. Reports are compiled and generated in seconds and offer documented proof of your inspection and maintenance activities.
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